This Is Addictive

Miami Art Week 2018, This Is Addictive

Daniel Cohen (This Is Addictive), is a multi-faceted artist from Los Angeles, California. Often exploring different mediums, Cohen’s projects adapt and evolve with his current focus, often commentating on societal issues in unique ways. Whether he targets addiction, drugs, wealth, or fame, his work is rooted in central themes that urge viewers to interact and think.

During Miami Art Week, Cohen unveiled an incredible exhibition featuring work from his, “Periodic Table of Drugs” series.  This series parodies the scientific table of elements and replaces them with various recreational drugs, displaying our addictions outright.  The drugs are elegantly-cased and are aptly described with facts, active ingredients, and side effects.  Cohen also debuted his money vending machine, altering the way we view our consumeristic tendencies.