Real Art Gallery

During Miami Art Week 2018, CB HOYO showcased his “Real Fake Gallery” at the launch of The Art Plug’s first ever, The Art Plug Power House, a 40,000 square foot interactive art showcase. Inspired by breaking news that depicts the international art arena as a systematic destination for drug cartels to launder money through, CB HOYO expressed, through a multi-dimensional work, how devious the world of art and its players can be, and the possibility for multiple international art galleries to be used as secret cover-ups.


Divided into three spaces, the front rooms were built as an art gallery, with fake imitations of famous works of art dressing the walls and an actor pretending to be a gallerist. Following, guests found a waiting area with a kitchen and a bathroom, and inside the bathroom, guests could interact with a crime scene, whereas in the kitchen, drugs were hidden. Inside the third room, walking crowds found weapons, drug paraphernalia, and even a drug lord who participated with them throughout the tour.

CB Hoyo, Miami Art Week 2018