Real Art Gallery

Art Palm Beach 2019, CB Hoyo

Similar to his activation at The Art Plug Power House: Miami Art Week 2018, CB HOYO highlighted “Real Art Gallery” at Art Palm Beach 2019 staged inside two rooms, decorated with counterfeit works of art, and led by a gallerist. Designing the tour in a way for his audience to interact with it, CB HOYO produced the second room as an operations studio of forgery, where an actor is screen-printing and creating imitation Andy Warhol works.

But most importantly, what CB HOYO wishes for the most, is for guests to have fun and leave with something to remember.




The traditional art gallery presents artwork with the intention that it be viewed, and considered for purchase. However, sometimes art galleries are used to host other less artistic activities.

In the Real Art Gallery everything is calculated. Nonetheless, you need to be ready to drive through the avenues of the unexpected. Viewers would have to walk across the entire gallery to enjoy the interactive experience.

The voice has been spread, people gather, wait in line, and enter with curiosity. A guided tour has been arranged to allow the public see the collection of contemporary artwork. Everything seems to be normal until they reach a transitional zone that leads to unexplored territories. Suddenly, there is a twist in reality. The gallery becomes an alternative business, an art forgery ring. People interact and come out with a smile.

Through the Real Art Gallery I seek to inform about a face of art that has been sanitized and distorted. The art world could be used as a money embellishing mechanism. An art gallery is always at common sight but its shady mission takes place behind hidden walls.

Above all, the Real Art Gallery creates consciousness about topics that are sometimes a bit uncomfortable, It does not  try to preach or accuse anyone in particular, just shed light on a topic and urge viewers to look more closely for themselves. The Real Art Gallery has layers of meaning and it is an appealing invitation for an audience to get lost within.