CB Hoyo was born in 1995 in Havana, Cuba. At a young age, he immigrated to the Dominican Republic, and now lives in Europe.


His artistic process began as a child when he started interpreting the world through his paintings. Over the past few years, his work has increased in stature. A self-trained artist, CB Hoyo continually produces works that celebrate life itself. Fresh, colorful, and fun are three words that easily describe his creations. Working with any medium on any material, the artist uses a mixture of art historical trends but always incorporates his unique voice.


CB Hoyo is making a proper mark on the current art scene. Some of his works are already exhibited in private and public collections in 6 continents.


CB HOYO Welcomes Art Basel Miami Beach Guests Into His “Fake Gallery”


CB HOYO, a self-trained internationally acclaimed artist who emigrated from Havana, Cuba, is welcoming Art Basel Miami Beach crowds and collectors into his mini house and “Fake Gallery.” Inspired by news articles which show the art world as a systematic destination for drug cartels to launder money through, CB HOYO is expressing, through a multi-dimensional work, how shady the world of art can be and how art galleries around the world are actually secret cover-ups. So we sat down with CB HOYO, to hear a sneak peek of what we have to look forward to this year at his “fake gallery” and Electric Gallery Expo.


“My gallery will be divided into three spaces. The front rooms will be the actually art gallery, where there’s going to be fake art on the walls and there’s going to be an actor pretending to be a gallerist. And then, there’s going to be a little room that has a kitchen and bathroom. That will be the waiting area. In the bathroom, there will be a crime scene like they murdered someone with a chainsaw. And the kitchen will be a waiting room where all the drugs are hidden. The third room is where all the drugs are, where the weapons and the drug paraphernalia is going to be. There will be a drug lord who will talk to the guests and interact with them.


Guests will exit the tour through a secret door which is actually a wall turned into a door. They will exit the same way as they entered.


I designed the tour in a way in which the audience can interact with it. At the entrance before coming in, there will be two security guards taking care of the installation. One of the security guards will pull aside one of the guests and will be told to ask for drugs. That’s how the guests get to go to the secret room in the back.


At the Electric Gallery Expo I’ll be showing some new pieces, a little bit different from what I was making before. These pieces will be cartoons painted on a pink background in a blurred way. On top of them, I’ll be writing my thoughts, as I do the rest of my paintings. But this time it will be something new.


What I want the most, is for people to have fun with my installation and have something to remember.”


Aholsniffsglue / CB Hoyo / Finnano Fenno / Ketnipz / Miami Art Week 2018