THE ART PLUG POWER HOUSE is an adaptive cultural experience celebrating passion for the arts through live installations and interactive environments. Making its debut in 2018 during Miami Art Week, The Art Plug Power House created a movement dedicated to displaying the love we share for art and its ever-growing impact.


Featuring dozens of world renown artists, and backed by premier sponsors like High Hemp, Stoli, Lyft, and Atlantic Records, The Art Plug created a platform for individuals to express themselves in a welcoming and enthusiastic setting.

This is not your traditional art fair or party, The Art Plug Power House is a fully immersive display of the arts honoring culture and craftsmanship. It is guaranteed that guests will be absorbed in original interactive artwork curated by “The Art Plug” Marcel Katz.  


As our reach continues to grow, our plans and ideas ascend to new heights. Assuredly, The Art Plug Power House is dedicated to providing a unique space meticulously designed with careful attention to having guests use all five senses throughout the experience.


In its maiden voyage, The Art Plug Power House established itself as one of the largest independent art fairs at Miami Art Week 2018, attracting over 3,000 attendees in two nights, and this is only the beginning of our movement.


In January 2019 for Art Palm Beach, The Art Plug Power House was invited to the international art fair to create interactive activations by 9 featured artists. With Marcel Katz Art providing the gallery experience, The Art Plug Power House took over 20% of the footprint of the art fair.


The Art Plug Power House is your outlet to detach from the real world and find a sense of liberation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.



Over 30 interactive art activations & installations featuring 28 trendsetting, international artists.